4th DNAqua-Net Management Committee & Working Groups Meeting in Hungary

Bastian Egeter, Filipa Martins and Ana Filipa Filipe have been to Pécs, Hungary, from 11th – 14th June 2018, to the 4th Management Committee Working Group Meeting of DNAqua-Net EU COST Action. This is not the first time that several team members participate to the activities of this COST Action, and soon we’ll be hosting one of these meetings in our research center here in Vairão (stay tuned!).

The representation of EnvMetaGen by several team members ensured a high level of awareness of the project raised at this significant landmark meeting of leading scientists in terms of the future of European water management using DNA-based monitoring tools. All team members in attendance have joined working groups of this EU COST Action, and at this meeting in particular, WG2 (Biotic Indices & Metrics), WG3 (Field & Lab Protocols) and WG4 (Data Analysis & Storage).

During the specific meetings of the working groups, we have presented some of the work being developed in the lab, on the use of preservative ethanol to assess macroinvertebrate communities from bulk samples; on the assessment of fish species and communities using metabarcoding and eDNA, particularly from water filters; and OTU building, an important step in metabarcoding pipelines. It was also an opportunity to discuss with the other members of the working groups how to improve the current indices and metrics to be applied in metabarcoding data, choose markers, standardize sampling protocols, and analyze metabarcoding data. Future studies were discussed, to which the EnvMetaGen team will participate.


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