Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

The activities in this WP will focus on maximizing the impact of the EnvMetaGen project as well as the general impact of InBIO at the regional, national and international levels, through activities for dissemination of knowledge, networking, and raising awareness regarding the on-going research, innovation potential and achievements.

To achieve these goals, the following tasks will be pursued:

i) Development of a detailed Communication and Dissemination plan to assure consistent procedures between all participants and across all activities of the project.

ii) Thematic Workshop and conference organization in collaboration with EU Partner Institutions for strengthening dissemination of knowledge to the regional/national research community and industry.

iii) Strengthen the participation of InBIO researchers and staff at international conferences and events.

iv) Dissemination and creation of awareness at the researcher level, to corporate affiliates, as well as to a broader audience via the EnvMetaGen website, newsletter and social media.