Coordination & Task Support

This WP will be developed by the Management Unit throughout the entire duration of the project to assure compliance with the scope and timing of the work plan. The objectives are to perform the global project coordination and support tasks; the general project management, monitoring of the project development and budget, coordination of partner interaction; and the communication with the EC.

The tasks to be performed involve:

i) Activity Planning and Reporting to the Commission.

ii) Production of a Quality plan to ensure the quality procedures and standards for all major project activities.

iii) Development of a Data Management plan specifying what data the project will generate.

iv) Data storage, accessibility and dissemination planning.

In addition, further tasks under this WP include the establishment of an ERA Chair Board, which will ensure supervision of the project strategy, work quality monitoring and good coordination with other scientific bodies at InBIO. A major task will also be to provide information for the Horizon 2020 Key performance Indicators.