DNAqua-Net WG1 Meeting

As previously posted on our news, a few of our project members participate to the Working Groups of DNAqua-Net EU COST Action. This month, a meeting of WG1, dedicated to DNA Barcode References, took place from January 24th-26th, 2018, in Braga, Portugal, only a few kilometers away from our research center in Vairão.

Joana Paupério, Sónia Ferreira, Ana Filipa Filipe, Aina Garcia Raventós and Filipa Martins have attended the meeting, that had the participation of >30 experts from all over Europe. The work during this meeting consisted in a gap-analysis of the barcode reference library for the European aquatic biota, by processing checklists from more than 19 countries of various (freshwater and marine) animal and plant groups used in the implementation of the European directives (WFD, MSFD). A review article with the results of this work should be published in the future.

DNA Barcode References are essential for effective species assignment from eDNA studies. Several projects run under EnvMetaGen umbrella are contributing to enrich these collections.


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