Development of Capacities to Participate in the ERA – Foster project Management, Networking and Fundraising

This WP focuses on developing and strengthen the research capacity at InBIO and to promote its long-term sustainability, by providing support to foster the project management, networking and fundraising capacities of the institutes researchers.

The WP tasks involve:

i) Training of InBIO researchers and other staff in preparing successful EU research funding proposals as well as creating know-how regarding the management of future approved research projects.

ii) Building relations with international key organizations and networks through bilateral visits.

iii) Bidirectional exchange of researchers and other experts between InBIO and partner institutions (European and US research centres of excellence).

iv) Exchange of PhD students/researchers with foreign research institutes, promoting co-supervision of the student in the training in environmental metagenomics.

v) Establishment of long lasting research collaborations with the partner institutions beyond the scope of the project.