A networking visit to Cornell University

Welcome back to Joana Paupério that has just returned from her visit to Cornell University from March 21st to March 30th. She went to Ithaca with Prof. Paulo Célio Alves from CIBIO, a close collaborator of EnvMetaGen. This visit to Cornell is framed within the Capacities Development work-package of our project.

During the visit they met with Prof. Jeremy Searle and his team, at the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology of Cornell University. They have been collaborating on conservation genetics and the application of genomic tools to non-invasive samples and during the visit current and future projects have been discussed.

Joana and Paulo have also met with Dr. David Lodge and his team, from the same Department. Their research focus on ecological forecasting to inform ecological risk assessment and for resource management, and, among other things, they are advancing novel technologies in environmental DNA (eDNA) surveillance to improve the study and management of invasive and endangered species.

During the stay they have presented the work developed in CIBIO, visited the labs at Cornell, and discussed the techniques that they are developing as well as future collaborations. This trip contributed to strengthen the link between CIBIO and Cornell University.


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