InBIO- Industry & Government relations – Fostering the InBIO Contribution

The work of this WP is organized into three main tasks, with the objective of fostering the contribution by InBIO to innovation and economic development, to promote the hybridization between elements from academia, industry and government generating new institutional and social formats for the production, transfer and application of knowledge.

These 3 main tasks are:

i) Development of a Knowledge Transfer Plan with the aim to promote transfer of knowledge generated by the EnvMetaGen project as well as the InBIO research as a whole to the wider society, and here identify the specific research needs and expectations of different sectors of the society.

ii) Establishment of a Corporate Affiliates Program with the main focus on providing a venue for InBIO to work with both industry and public partners to support basic and application-driven research through the translation of discovery to development and production.

iii) Development of strategic initiatives through triple helix interactions with the aim to advance the application of environmental metagenomics in finding new solutions to promote biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services, and cost-effective biomonitoring of environmental quality.