Recruitment of the Project Team – Complementary Expertise & Skills

The work to be executed under this WP comprise the recruitment of the ERA Chair holder as well as the overall ERA Chair team which will support the ERA Chair holder and the EnvMetaGen project Coordinator.

This ERA Chair team will include a Research Team and a Support Team and will involve recruiting:

i) 3 Researchers that will enable InBIO to raise the level of excellence in environmental metagenomics.

ii) A Research Manager who will assist the ERA Chair holder in organising, implementing and promoting the InBIO research and knowledge exchange strategies, and ensuring that the project activities and procedures are performed timely and properly.

iii) A Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination Officer that will assist in promoting and managing all the innovation, knowledge transfer and dissemination activities.

iv) 2 Laboratory Technicians for the analysis of eDNA samples using the InBIO Illumina sequencing platform.