ClimBats’ 1st Meeting

This was the first meeting of the COST Action ClimBats, the COST Action CA18107: “Climate Change and Bats:From Science to Conservation”, and gathered both the Management Committee and the Working Groups participants.

ClimBats aims to assess the effects of climate change on the ecosystem services provided by bats in Europe. It took place from 5-6th November 2019, at the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Granollers, in Catalonia, Spain.

The action currently holds 28 participating countries, each with 1-4 representative members, in a total of 71 participants. The EnvMetaGen team member Vanessa Mata is a MC substitute for Portugal and WG3 vice-leader.

The first meeting was important for participants to know each other as well as share their particular set of skills that could be of relevance to the tasks of the project. The first day was spent on management meetings and presentation of the working groups and their overall goals, while the second day was spent on working group meetings. Finally, the second meeting was scheduled for 5-6th of March 2020, at Sintra (Portugal), organized by Hugo Rebelo and Vanessa Mata, along with other CIBIO-InBIO members.

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