8th European Congress of Mammalogy

The 8th European Congress of Mammalogy (ECM8) took place in Warsaw, Poland, from September 23-27, 2019. This event aims to bring together mammalian biologists from Europe but also from other countries. This congress provides an excellent opportunity to spread the latest advances in several fields of Mammalogy, and that is why Joana Paupério has participated to present her work in voles. The congress was also attended by Paulo Célio Alves, part of the team of both EnvMetagen and AGRIVOLE projects.

Their participation in this conference allowed to present the first results obtained within the AGRIVOLE project, as well as results from previous projects based on the molecular analyses of non-invasive samples, as well as discuss ideas and possible collaborations with colleagues from other countries. Joana presented her work during the talk entitled “Linking biodiversity with ecosystem services: The small mammal community of Northeastern Portugal agroecosystems“.

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