“Developing Strategic Partnerships” in England, UK

This course is part of the very good training offer by PraxisAuril, an association that supports Knowledge Exchange and Commercialization in the UK and works with key stakeholders and partners to promote best practice in the sector. The course provides guidance on how to go
through the different steps involved in identifying potential strategic partners for a research institution, and building the relationship, creating governance and management structures and avoiding the pitfalls. Sandra Aresta attended the course.

The 1.5 days’ course allowed to better understand what is a strategic partnership, and what is the role of a KT officer into establishing it. Also, the best ways to monitor and manage this kind of large collaborations. The case studies were very interesting and allowed to have a hands-on approach onto the negotiation of large partnerships with one particular entity. Finally, the networking moments with the teachers and other delegates were particularly interesting to compare challenges being addressed by other institutions in the area of KT.

Strategic partnerships with both business and administration are one of the goals of EnvMetaGen, through the creation of a Corporate Affiliates Program for InBIO. This training will allow Sandra to complement her current skill set, in order to better outline the characteristics of this program, identify partners, and establish mutually beneficial, last-longing relationships with each future affiliate of the program.

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